Director's Message


Technology enabled growth in the Indian economy has given India an opportunity to move into the league of Developed Nations. It has also put unprecedented challenge to management education as a discipline. The need for competent and contemporary management education has never been more crucial than today.

At IIM Raipur, we are making concerted effort in infusing high level of management competence in a dynamic, yet resource constrained environment. Preparing the future mangers capable of harnessing the maximum out of limited resources through innovative, entrepreneurial zeal and efficient management of technology and trade is crucial to our economic growth and development. We have a simple mission to nurture excellence and promote leaders capable of managing resources in a globalized environment, with social responsibility. At IIM Raipur, we strive to achieve excellence in every endeavour- creation of knowledge, imparting the knowledge and augmenting the practice through consulting and executive education.

We understand and appreciate the fact that in the 21st century, the world needs India’s leadership in its march towards prosperity. Keeping this agenda in mind, we plan to further our research and education.

We extend support to the youth of the nation with a customized effort to nurture the abilities to the competence levels and build a strong skilful and talented nation to bridge the gaps of Indian and Global markets. As a young IIM, we welcome this opportunity and feel confident that our youthful energy, our faith and dedication towards this endeavour shall help the country in future.

Prof. Bharat Bhasker

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