Yogesh Chauhan

Asst. Professor

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Yogesh Chauhan

Asst. Professor

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Area of Research
1 Corporate Finance 
2. Corporate governance 
3. Market Microstructure 
4. Emerging Market Finance 
5. Insider Trading 
6. Financial Services 
i. Ph.D., IBS Hyderabad, ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education University, India, 2013 
ii. Visiting Research Scholar at College of Business and Innovation in University of Toledo, USA 
iii. MBA, IBS, Indore, India, 2007 
iv. B.Com, Agra University, 2002
i. Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Management Raipur: (January 2017 onward) 
ii. Assistant Professor, IBS, Hyderabad: (May 2013- December 2016) 
iii. Research Scholar, IBS, Hyderabad: (August 2008-April 2013) 
iv. Assistant Manager at ICICI Bank: (July 2007-July2008) 
Awards & Recognitions


Journal Publications

>> Yogesh Chauhan (2019). Do Public-Private Partnerships Benefit Private Sector? Evidence from an Emerging Market?. Research in International Business and Finance,( ABDC-B)

>> Yogesh Chauhan (2019). Does accounting comparability alleviate the informational disadvantage of foreign investors?. International Review of Economics and Finance (ABDC-A)

>> Yogesh Chauhan (2019). Dependence structure between the BRICS foreign exchange and stock markets using the dependence-switching copula approach. International Review of Financial Analysis (ABDC-A)

>> Y Chauhan, SB Kumar (2019). The Value Relevance of Nonfinancial Disclosure: Evidence from Foreign Equity Investment. Journal of Multinational Financial Management,

>> Chauhan, Y. and Kumar Surya (2018). Do investors value the nonfinancial disclosure in emerging markets?. Emerging Markets Review, (ABDC-A)

>> Chauhan, Y., Kumar, S., & Pathak, R. (2017). Do bank-appointed directors affect corporate cash holding? . International Review of Economics and Finance, ABDC (A),

>> Chauhan, Y., Kumar, S., & Pathak, R. (2017). Stock liquidity and stock prices crash-risk: Evidence from India. The North American Journal of Economics and Finance, 41 (ABDC B), 70 - 81

>> Pathak, R., Verousis, T., & Chauhan, Y. (2017). Information Content of Implicit Spot Prices Embedded in Single Stock Future Prices: Evidence from Indian Market.. Journal of Emerging Market Finance, 16 (2), 169 - 187

>> Chauhan, Y., & Kumar, S. (2017). Does founder ownership affect foreign investments? Evidence from India.. Emerging Markets Review, 32 (ABDC A), 116 - 129

>> Dubey, R. K., Chauhan, Y., & Syamala, S. R. (2017). Evidence of Algorithmic Trading from Indian Equity Market: Interpreting the Transaction Velocity Element of Financialization.. Research in International Business and Finance, ABDC (B),

>> Chauhan, Y., Syamala, S. R., & Wadhwa, K. (2017). Board busyness and crash risk: evidence from Indian stock market.. International Journal of Corporate Governance, 6 (1), 1 - 24

>> Chauhan, Y.,Lakshmi, K., Dey, D. K (2016). Corporate governance practices, selfdealings, and firm performance: Evidence from India. Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics, ABDC (A),

>> Chauhan, Y., Dey, D. K., & Jha, R. R. (2016). Board structure, controlling ownership, and business groups: Evidence from India. Emerging Markets Review, (ABDC-A), 27 63 - 83

>> Chauhan, Y., Kumar, K. K., & Chaturvedula, C. (2016). Information asymmetry and the information content of insider trades: Evidence from the Indian stock market. Journal of Multinational Financial Management, 34 65 - 79

>> Dey, D. K., Chauhan, Y. K., &Chakraborti, R. (2015). Does advertising strategy matter in influencing mutual fund purchase?. Journal of Financial Services Marketing, 20 (1), 23 - 33

>> Parmar, K. S., Reddy, V. N., & Chauhan, Y. (2015). Theoretical Underpinnings of the Determinants of Firm Performance: A Literature Review. Indian Journal of Finance, 9 (9), 36 - 43

>> Chauhan, Y., Wadhwa, K., Syamala, S. R., & Goyal, A. (2015). Block-ownership structure, bank nominee director and crash-risk.. Finance Research Letters, 14 (ABDC B), 20 - 28

>> Chauhan, Y., Chaturvedula, C., & Iyer, V. (2014). Insider Trading, Market Efficiency, and Regulation-A Literature Review.. The Review of Finance and Banking, 6 (1),

>> Syamala, S. R., Chauhan, Y., & Wadhwa, K. (2014). Institutional Investors and Stock Liquidity: Evidence from Indian Stock Market.. Global Business Review, 15 (3), 461 - 476

Training and Consultancy
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