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Dr Kannadhasan M is Professor of Finance at Indian Institute of Management Raipur. He holds a Ph.D. in Finance from Anna University. He has published more than 30 peer-reviewed articles published in the journals of repute, of which about 20 articles are published in the ABDC classified list having impact factor, like Emerging Markets Review, Finance Research Letters, Management Decisions, International Journal of Managerial Finance, International Journal of Corporate Governance, Applied Economic Letters, Journal of Economic research, IIM Management review etc., and three cases published with Ivey Publishing, Canada. He is an author of a book and three monographs. He attended the “Global Colloquium on Participant Centred Learning” and “Case writing workshop” program held at Harvard Business School in 2012 and 2014 respectively. He is the recipient of 4th Asia’s Best B-Schools Awards - Best Professor in Financial Management" in 2013 from the CMO Asia with CMO Council in Singapore & the USA.

Area of Research
Behavioural Finance, Emerging Financial Market, and Corporate Finance
Level 2 Candidate of CFA Certification, USA.  
Ph.D in Finance, Anna University Chennai 
MFT, Pondichery University 
M. Phil in Finance, Annamalai University 
MBA (Finance) Bharathiar University 
B.Com, Madras University 
Since April 2014 Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Management Raipur 
 April 2011- March 2014 Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Management Raipur 
June 2007- March 2011 Assistant Professor, Bharathidasan Institute of Management 
June 2004 to April 2007 Assistant Professor, DOMS, Adhiyamaan College of Engineering 
Jan. 2003 to May 2004 Assistant Professor, DOMS, Dr. M.G.R. Deemed University 
July 2000 to Nov. 2002 Manager – F & A, M/s Oren Hydrocarbons Private Ltd 
June 1998 to May 2000 Executive – Operations, M/s P. Vencatachellum Condiments
Awards & Recognitions
  • "4TH Asia’s Best B-Schools Awards - Best Professor in Financial Management" in 2013 from the CMO Asia with CMO Council in Singapore & USA.
  • International Editor, Colombo Business Journal

Journal Publications

>> Bhanu Pratap Singh Thakur and M Kannadhasan (2019). Corruption and Cash holding: Evidence from emerging economies. Emerging markets review, 38 (1), 1 - 17

>> Debojyoti Das, M Kannadhasan, Malay Bhattacharyya (2019). Do emerging stock markets react to international economic policy uncertainty, geopolitical risk and financial stress alike?. The North American Journal of Economics and Finance, 48 (2), 1 - 19

>> Sivasankaran N, Punam P, Samit Paul, and M Kannadhasan (2019). Measuring impact of working capital efficiency on Financial Performance of a firm: An alternative approach. Journal of Indian Business Research, 11 (1), 75 - 94

>> Punam P, Sivasankaran N, Saravanan P, M Kannadhasan (2019). Does Corporate Governance Influence the Working Capital Management of Firms: Evidence from India. International Journal of Corporate Governance, 10 (1), 42 - 80

>> Debojyoti Das and M. Kannadhasan (2019). Emerging stock market co-movements in South Asia: wavelet approach. International Journal of Managerial Finance, 15 (2), 236 - 256

>> Debojyoti Das and M. Kannadhasan (2018). Do global factors impact Bitcoin prices? Evidence from wavelet approach. Journal of Economic Research, 23 (3), 227 - 264

>> Kannadhasan M, Parikshit Charan, Pankaj Singh, and B Pavan Kumar (2018). Relationships among the personality characteristics, risk propensity, institutional environment, and the process of start-up. Decision, 45 (4), 287 - 300

>> D. Das, M. Kannadhasan, K.H. Al-Yahyaee, S.-M. Yoon (2018). A wavelet analysis of co-movements in Asian gold markets. Physica A, 492 192 - 206

>> M Kannadhasan, Charan P, Pankaj Singh, and N Sivasankaran (2018). Relationships among Social Capital, Self-efficacy, and New Venture Decision. Management Decision, 56 (1), 204 - 218

>> Kannadhasan M, Bhanu Pratap Singh, Aramvalarthan S, and Archa Radhakrishnan (2018). Modelling volatility in Emerging Capital Market: The case of the Indian Capital Market. Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal, 22 (1), 1 - 11

>> Bhanu Pratap Singh, M Kannadhasan, Vinay Goyal (2018). Determinants of Corporate Credit Spread: Evidence from India. Decision, 45 (1), 59 - 73

>> M Kannadhasan, Bhanu Pratap Singh, Gupta CP, and Parikshit Charan (2018). Testing Capital Structure Theories using Error Correction Models: Evidence from China, India and South Africa. Cogent Economics and Finance, 6 (1), 1 - 19

>> Debojyoti Das, M. Kannadhasan, Aviral Kumar Tiwari & Khamis Hamed Al-Yahyaee (2018). Has co-movement dynamics in emerging stock markets changed after global financial crisis? New evidence from wavelet analysis. Applied Economics Letters, DOI: 10.1080/13504851.2018.1430307

>> Bhanu Pratap Singh Thakur and M Kannadhasan (2018). Determinants of Dividends payout of Indian Manufacturing companies: A quantile regression approach. Journal of Indian Business Research, 10 (4), 364 - 374

>> Mitra, S. K., Bawa, J., Kannadhasan, M., Goyal, V., & Chattopadhyay, M. (2017). Can profitability through momentum strategies be enhanced applying a range to standard deviation filter?. Finance Research Letters, 20 (2), 269 - 273

>> Kannadhasan M, Aramvalarthan S, P Balasubramanian, and Aishwarya Gopika (2017). Determinants of Dividend Policy of Indian Manufacturing Companies: Panel Autoregressive Distributed Lag Analysis. Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal, 21 (2), 1 - 12

>> Kannadhasan, M., Aramvalarthan, S., Mitra, S. K., & Goyal, V. (2016). Relationship between Biopsychosocial Factors and Financial Risk Tolerance: An Empirical Study.. Vikalpa, 41 (2), 117 - 131

>> Kannadhasan, M (2015). Retail investors' financial risk tolerance and their risk-taking behaviour: The role of demographics as differentiating and classifying factors.. IIMB Management Review, 27 (3), 175 - 184

>> Kannadhasan, M., Aramvalarthan, S., & Kumar, B. P. (2014). Relationship among cognitive biases, risk perceptions and individual’s decision to start a venture.. Decision, 41 (1), 87 - 98

>> Kannadhasan, M. and S. Aramvalarthan (2011). Relationships among Business Strategy, Environmental Uncertainty and Performance of Firms operating in Transport Equipment Industry in India.. The Journal of Emerging Financial Market, 2 (2), 39 - 50

>> Kannadhasan, M. and R. Nandagopal (2010). Influence of Decision-makers’ Characteristics on Risk analysis in Strategic Investment Decisions.. Journal of Modern Accounting and Auditing (ISSN 1548-6583), 6 (4), 38 - 44

>> Kannadhasan, M. and D. Nandagopal (2010). Influence of Information System on Risk Analysis in Strategic Investment Decisions.. The Journal of Venture Capital & Financial Services, 4 (1), 39 - 47

>> Kannadhasan, M. and R. Nandagopal (2010). Do Company-Specific Factors Influence the Extent of Usage of Risk Analysis Techniques in Strategic Investment Decisions?. IUP Journal of Financial Risk Management, 7 (4), 55 - 72

>> Kannadhasan, M. and R. Nandagopal (2010). The influence of Business Strategy on the Performance of Automotive Industry in India.. Smart Journal of Business Management Studies (ISSN 0973 - 1598), 6 (1), 42 - 49

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>> Kannadhasan, M. and R. Nandagopal (2008). Capital Budgeting In Corporate Sector - An empirical analysis.. Journal of Contemporary Research in Management, 3 (1), 17 - 24

>> Kannadhasan, M. (2007). Measuring Financial Health of A Public Limited Company Using Z’ Score Model-A Case Study.. Management Accountant-Calcutta, 42 (6), 469 - 473

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>> Kannadhasan, M., S. Aramvalarthan, et al. . Perceived Environmental Uncertainty & Company Performance: Effect on Strategic Investment Decisions. International Journal of Accounting and Financial Management Research (ISSN 2249-6882), 3 (4), 107 - 118

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