Rashmi Shukla

Asst. Professor

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Rashmi Shukla

Asst. Professor

About Faculty

Area of Research
i. Economic Growth
ii. Emerging Economies
iii. International Business
i. Fellow Program in Management, Economics from the Indian Institute of Management Indore, 2016.
   The title of the thesis: “Determinants of Corporate Saving in India”.
    Prof. Ganesh K. Nidugala (Chair), Prof. Subhasankar Chattopadhyay, Prof. K. Kiran Kumar.
ii. Master of Business Administration (Finance and International Business),
    Institute of Professional Education and Research, Barkatullah University, Bhopal, 2011.
iii. Bachelors of Engineering (Computer Science), Oriental Institute of Science & Technology, Rajiv Gandhi Technical University, Bhopal, 2009.
i. SVKM’s NMIMS School of Business Management, Mumbai
ii. IIM Indore, Mumbai Campus
Awards & Recognitions
i. Awarded with Best Case - First Prize at 5th AMRC 2016 University of Wollongong Dubai (2016).
ii. Awarded with Best Paper - First Prize at COSMAR-15 Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (2015).

Journal Publications

>> Nidugala, G. K., & Shukla, R. (2016). Madhya Pradesh Housing and Infrastructure Development Board: Affordable Housing Via PPP Mode.. Journal of Public Affairs, 10 (1002),

>> Nidugala, G. K., & Shukla, R. (2016). What Drives Corporate Saving in India?. Economics and Political Weekly

>> Shukla, R. (2016). Economic Crisis and Policy Response.. IIMS Journal of Management Science., 7 (1), 26 - 37

>> Shukla, R. (2016). Drivers of Saving - A Literature Review.. Indore Management Journal.

>> Shukla, R. (2015). Corporate Financing in India: Some Stylized Facts of an Emerging Economy.. International Journal Of Management Excellence, 5 (2), 599 - 622


>> Nidugala, G. K., Shukla, R., & Mostafa, R. (2015). Indian Rupee Crisis of 2013. . Richard Ivey Publishing

>> Nidugala, G. K., & Shukla, R. (2015). Portugal's Banking Sector- Safe or Not. A.K. Garg, K. K. Ray & S. K. Mitra (Eds.), Cases in Management (Strategy and General Management)

Training and Consultancy
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