Public Relations Committee

Media and Public Relations Committee is the mouthpiece of IIM Raipur. It is solely responsible for all the external communications. It aims is to position and popularize the brand IIM Raipur on a variety of platforms. Over the years, the team has created a legacy for itself and the institution. Due to its relentless pursuit, today IIM Raipur enjoys a favourable image in the eyes of the outer world and is using it well to its advantage.

It has earned a series of achievements in the past one year, which include more than 450 newspaper articles, numerous corporate interviews, extensive coverage of events on social media and improved relationships with print, television and digital media.


The committee is responsible for extensive coverage of all college events. It sends press releases to print and digital media, and posts updates on social media about all campus activities, blood donation camps, entrepreneur meets and student achievements and institute performance.

The committee is also responsible for interviewing guests, industry leaders, celebrities and lecturers on the latest global trends.

The committee handles the blog Vox Pop ( ), an open platform for all students to express their views and share their creativity with the world.

Provides Platform to Students

The committee plays an instrumental role in registering the presence of the students of IIM Raipur in the media. The students are provided with opportunities to voice their opinion on contemporary issues in leading newspapers and MBA forums.

Effulgence , Official Magazine of IIM Raipur
The annual magazine provides a platform to students, academicians and the corporate to come together and share their insights, opinions and experiences, and to discuss management, leadership and other contemporary issues.The latest issue, Effulgence 5.0 was launched in June 2019.
Social Media
IIM Raipur has a prominent presence across several social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Intagram. It also holds its own blog. The committee introduces various ways to engage with the audience through Facebook interactions / comments, twitter re-tweets, YouTube Interactions/Comments and blog comments.
Major Events Covered 

Guest-Lecture-and-Industry-Interaction:The committee covers all the guest lectures and industry interaction sessions conducted by eminent industry stalwarts and other such major events happening around the campus

HR-Summit-3.0-and-International-Conference-on-Digital-Economy have been two mega events of the academic year 2018-19.

The committee also ensured extensive coverage of PrayaasIIM Raipur Marathon.



Executive Members

  • Ameya Shekatkar
  • Bhaskar Yadavilli
  • Niharika Jain
  • Nishant Goswami
  • Siddharth Jain
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