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Library acts as the main learning resource centre of the institute. It has been providing up to date and nascent information resources and services both in hard and soft forms to the academic and administrative communities since 2010. It has thus become an indispensable learning resource centre for students, researchers and faculty members of the institute. The library has built a robust collection of books, subscription to print journals, magazines, newspapers, and many other resources like student's project reports, CDs/DVDs etc. The Library offers its users the convenient access to the best of Business ...

Faculty & Research

Title: Transportation problem with multi-choice parameters Author: Shalabh Singh and Sonia

Title: Minimizing the Experience of Workplace Loneliness: An Empirical Investigation Author: Anand, P

Title: Proximal and Distal Causes of Workplace Loneliness: An Exploratory Study Author: Anand, P., & Mishra, S. K.

Title: Social Media In-Feed Advertising: The Impacts of Consistency and Sociability on Ad Avoidance Author: Si Fan, Lu Yaobin and Sumeet Gupta

Title: Why Viewers Contribute in Live Feed broadcast: A Study on Factors Affecting the Intention to Participate Author: Ting Zhu, Lu Yaobin and Sumeet Gupta

Title: Role of Social Media Usage and Social Capital in Citizen's Online Political Participation Author: Vidushi Pandey and Sumeet Gupta

Title: Relief Network Model For Efficient Disaster Management And Disaster Recovery Author: Sumeet Gupta, BS Sahay and Parikshit Charan

Title: Virtual Community: Concepts, Implications, and Future Research Directions Author: Sumeet Gupta and Hee-Woong Kim

Title: Understanding the Balanced Effects of Belief and Feeling on Information Systems Continuance Author: Hee-Woong Kim, Hock-Chan Chuan, Yee Pia Chan and Sumeet Gupta

Title: Enhancing the Commitment to Virtual Community: Belief and Feeling Based Approach Author: Sumeet Gupta and Hee-Woong Kim

Title: Moderating Role of Transaction Experience in Repeat Customers Value-Driven Internet Shopping Author: Sumeet Gupta and Hee-Woong Kim

Title: Converting a Virtual Community Member into an Online Customer Author: Sumeet Gupta, and Hee-Woong Kim

Title: Multimodal Transport: A Framework for Analysis of Issues facing a Regional Organization Author: Miti Garg, Mark Goh, Sumeet Gupta and Luo Lei

Title: Leagility in Procurement: A Conceptual Framework Author: Sumeet Gupta, Mark Goh, Miti Garg, Robert De Souza

Title: Innovation among Logistics Service Providers: An Institutional Perspective Author: Sumeet Gupta, Mark Goh, Miti Garg and Robert De Souza

Title: Online Customer Retention: The Resistance to Change Perspective Author: Sumeet Gupta, Ng Ee Hong and Hee-Woong Kim

Title: Dynamics of RSI: Evidence from RFID Adoption Author: Miti Garg, Mark Goh, Sumeet Gupta and Robert De Souza

Title: Balancing User Privacy Concerns in the Adoption of Location Based Services: An Empirical Analysis Across Pull-Based and Push-Based Applications Author: Xu Heng, Sumeet Gupta and Pan Xhi

Title: Effectiveness of Privacy Assurance Approaches in Location-Based Services: A Study of India and the United States Author: Xu Heng, Sumeet Gupta, Mary Beth Rosson and John M. Carroll

Title: Examining the Role of Security Enhancing Approaches on Mobile Banking Adoption Author: Sumeet Gupta, Xu Heng, Kavita Jain, Divya Jain, Miti Garg

Title: Role of Social Influence on Casual Investors’ Investment Behavior Author: Sumeet Gupta and Meenakshee Sharma

Title: Lean Inventory Management at a Power Plant in India: A Case Study Author: Sumeet Gupta, Sweta Agrawal, Tanuka Bhattacharya and Ramnarayan Patel

Title: Security Concerns and Mobile Banking Services Author: Sumeet Gupta, Heng Xu and Chao-Hsien Chu

Title: An Analysis of Issues and Possible Remedies in the Adoption of RFID in Retail Supply Chains in India Author: Sumeet Gupta and Sanjib Pal

Title: Investigating the Role of Prior Investment and Gender on the Investment Decision of a Casual Investor Author: Sumeet Gupta and Meenakshee Sharma

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