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Journal Publications

Does International Tourism Spur International Trade and Output? Evidence from Wavelet Analysis
Author's: Prof. Sanjeev Prashar
Publication In: Tourism Economics

The Influence of Online Shopping Values and Web Atmospheric Cues on E-Loyalty: Mediating Role of E-Satisfaction
Author's: Prof. Sanjeev Prashar
Publication In: Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research

Do Public-Private Partnerships Benefit Private Sector? Evidence from an Emerging Market?
Author's: Yogesh Chauhan
Publication In: Research in International Business and Finance,( ABDC-B)

An Enterprise Centric Analytical Risk Assessment Framework for New Product Development
Author's: Mohit Goswami
Publication In: Cogent Business and Management

Linking core self-evaluation and emotional exhaustion with workplace loneliness: Does high LMX make the consequence worse?
Author's: Anand, P., & Mishra, S. K.
Publication In: The International Journal of Human Resource Management (accepted for publication, ABDC-A)

Big data and Block-chain Supported Conceptual Model for Enhanced Healthcare Coverage: The Indian Context
Author's: Devendra Dhaggara, Mohit Goswami, PRS Sarma, Abhijit K. Choudhury
Publication In: Business Process Management Journal

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