Campus Life

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The morning at IIM Raipur begins with the enthusiasm to change the world, if not the world, at least half the planet. Time management of the super busy schedule, filled with class room discussions, assignments and projects, starts as soon as we open our eyes. There is a lot of enthusiasm among the students while starting for the college. The day in the campus starts with intriguing lectures. We are fortunate to have eminent faculty from the best B-schools of India. The sessions are full of case discussions, problem analysis and exhaustive interaction among students and professors. Although the students are a close knit family but when it comes to group presentation, there is no let up in cross questioning and discussion. The smaller batch strength ensures better student - professor interaction and also enables active participation of all students in class. The surprise quizzes are conducted just when they are least expected. The activities on the campus often extend late into the evenings. The myriad events organized by clubs vary from business quizzes, testing marketing skills to chess competitions. The grilling classroom sessions do not dampen the competitive spirit of the students and these club events rejuvenate the mind and the soul. The practical implementation of the various business concepts starts right after class which includes micro management of the cooperative store to macro management of developing the campus of our institute. The uniqueness of our institute also allows us to discuss and understand the operations management of our mess with the professors during lunch time. The evenings at the hostel start with group studies, case studies and preparation for quizzes, mid-terms and end-terms whichever trudges into our path. In spite of our super busy compact schedule, we find time for parties, internal competitions and most importantly the birthday celebrations. The campus and hostel lives will certainly be among the top takeaways we students will have from our life at IIM Raipur.