Admission Committee



Admissions Committee at IIM Raipur doesn't just facilitate the smooth admissions of the IIM aspirants but also provides all the ammunitions that is required to win the war (i.e) CAT and get an entry into an IIM. This is done through a lot of initiatives taken by the committee which includes

1. A dedicated page for CAT preparations called ' IIM Raipur's "Bell the CAT" Tips ' page -

2. A series of Live Interaction with the aspirants so that they can clear all their doubts before going for the WAT/PI process.

3. A series of articles that covers various aspects of current affairs ( to help the aspirants in the WAT or GD processes ) and WAT/PI experiences of the current batch of students ( so that the aspirants have an idea as to what to expect during the process )

4. A dedicated mentorship program that facilitates a one-on-one interaction for the aspirants with the current batch of students so that they get to clear all their doubts on a personal level.

The Admissions Committee's work doesn't just stop with this. It is also responsible for the grooming of the new batch through a lot of activities and sessions, so that they get accustomed to the IIM culture. During these activities and sessions, the new batch gets to see the activities and functions of the various clubs and committees at IIM Raipur. 

Admissions Committee, because of all these initiatives has succeeded in becoming the face of the Institute which is visible to the aspirants before joining the Institute. We are the 1st Point-Of-Contact for the aspirants.



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